3 Fish Illnesses to Watch Out For

Here are a few illnesses you need to look for as a fish owner.

Ich (or Ick) : This can be noticed when you see white spots that make it look like your fish was sprinkled with salt or sugar. The fish may also move their gills quickly, become slow or rub against the tank. This illness will need a quick response as the whole tank will need to be treated.

Fin/Tail Rot: The fins or your fish will appear frayed, and the edges may appear white. This means the fish may be rotting. This is caused by poor water quality and possibly if your fish is being “bullied” by other fish.

Velvet: This will present itself with spots that are rusty, fine yellow or gold dusty tones. It’s not easy to spot but in a dark room, a flashlight can help view them. You may find the fish becoming lethargic, losing weight and trouble breathing if the parasite progressed.

If these are things you’ve ever seen or don’t know how to help your tanks-reach out to us by phone or come by the store and get advice from one of our fish experts. They can help you with advice on treatment as well as do water tests for you.

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