Aquarium Installation

Aquariums can be large, awkward and heavy to carry. Did you know they also require a fair amount of plumbing and time?

Smaller tanks are more manageable and the set up helps to acquaint you with your tank, but if you have a larger tank or you simply don’t have the time to set it up-that’s where The Fish Reef comes in!

We have a team of aquarium install experts who put time and effort into making sure your tank is set up for you to enjoy and dive into the hobby. Our crew is knowledgeable in aquarium installs all the way from lifting new and removing old tanks, to plumbing and down to suggesting which fish will work best for your new ecosystem.

If you’re interested in setting up an aquarium installation, give us a call @ 720-335-6803 or come by the store to select a tank for install.

We look forward to helping you install your aquarium!