Aquarium Maintenance

At The Fish Reef, we like to say that we “Design, Install, and Maintain”. Each piece of that is important to our business and our customers but today I want to focus on the  “Maintain” portion.

What do we mean by “Maintain”?

Well, after you design or select which tank you want installed the last thing we offer is the ability to help you maintain your aquarium. Fish tank and reef maintenance are vital to the health of your tank, your fish and their environment.

Our maintenance team takes pride in providing great service whether it be in a thorough cleaning or water change, or by helping you decide which fish or coral may be a great addition to your tank. 

The maintenance team will test and change your water, scrape and clean off buildup, and help you to bring your tank back to life when needed.

If you’re curious for more, feel free to stop by The Fish Reef and see us in person-or drop up a line (pun intended) at 720-335-6803.

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