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Tank Revamp

As you may already know, one of our biggest projects at The Fish Reef are brand new tank installs, but did you know we can also revamp an old tank? If you have an old fish tank that may be collecting dust, or you were given a tank as a gift but have no idea […]

Refer A Friend!

One of our maintenance customers? Know someone who needs helps maintaining their tank? Refer a friend and receive a $100 in-store credit (exclusions apply, call for details)

Saltwater Tank? You May Need a Saltwater Mixer

We regularly install custom fresh and saltwater tanks, but did you know we also can build and in-home saltwater mixer for you? We can build a reverse osmosis system that will directly work with a saltwater mix station that will make all of your water changes simple, easy and right in the comfort of your […]

New Arrivals Every Tuesday and Wednesday

Here at The Fish Reef, we block off a section every Tuesday so we can account for the time it takes to acclimate new fish to the tanks so we open on Tuesdays at 2pm. Be sure to stay up to date with our social media accounts to see what we get in, and feel […]

Need Aquarium Maintenance?

At The Fish Reef, we like to say that we “Design, Install, and Maintain”. Each piece of that is important to our business and our customers but today I want to focus on the  “Maintain” portion. What do we mean by “Maintain”? Well, after you design or select which tank you want installed the last thing we offer […]

Follow us on Social Media

The Fish Reef wants everyone to know that we are a different kind of fish store, and what better way than when we display it on social media? If you’re not already following us on Facebook and Instagram, you can find us @thefishreef and just search “the fish reef” on Facebook and YouTube.