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Need a Tank Moved?

If you’re already familiar with The Fish Reef, you know that we help you in the process of designing your tank, installing your tank, and maintaining it. But, when you need to move, who do you call to help move everything you had set up? That’s right. We’ll move your tank as well. Even if […]

What is Alkalinity?

Why should you familiarize yourself with alkalinity and it’s importance to your tank?  Alkalinity is a good measure of how to resist a dip in your pH but is can also be used to measure the opposite: resisting and uptick in pH. This is referred to as the “buffering”. Alkalinity is a measure of the pH […]

Aquarium Maintenance

At The Fish Reef, we like to say that we “Design, Install, and Maintain”. Each piece of that is important to our business and our customers but today I want to focus on the  “Maintain” portion. What do we mean by “Maintain”? Well, after you design or select which tank you want installed the last thing we offer […]

3 Fish Illnesses to Watch Out For

Here are a few illnesses you need to look for as a fish owner. Ich (or Ick) : This can be noticed when you see white spots that make it look like your fish was sprinkled with salt or sugar. The fish may also move their gills quickly, become slow or rub against the tank. This […]

Custom Aquariums

Today I just wanted to shed some light on something we offer at The Fish Reef that a lot of people still may not know about. Did you know we can customize and design the tank of your choosing for you? Well, we sure can. If you have an idea for a tank in mind […]

Curious about Clownfish?

Clownfish are some of the most common fish among saltwater tank owners. But what do you know about them besides their most famous appearance in Disney/Pixar’s Finding Nemo? Here are some fun facts about Clownfish: -All Clownfish are born male. Each clownfish has the ability to change into a female, so when the dominant female in […]

What is Coral?

Corals are  animals, as they do not produce their own food. Coral benefit from a symbiosis of animal and plant life. Coral (or coral polyps) are small organisms with soft bodies. They are made up of a protective skeleton made of limestone. This is called a “calicle” and it’s the harder base of the coral. […]

Yellow Tang at The Fish Reef

The Yellow Tang is one of the most popular saltwater aquarium fish out there. They are a part of the surgeonfish family and are known by different names like “Yellow Hawaiin Tang”, “Yellow Surgeonfish” or “Yellow Sailfin”. In the wild they can be found in reef waters in the Pacific and Indian Oceans. Yellow Tang […]