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WYSIWYG Freshwater Fish: Mbu Puffer
WYSIWYG Freshwater Fish: Mbu Puffer
WYSIWYG Freshwater Fish: Mbu Puffer

WYSIWYG Freshwater Fish: Mbu Puffer

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Image shown in a photo of the actual fish you will receive. 

This species of puffer will grow to 30"+ and is considered the worlds largest and most intelligent freshwater puffer! They are extremely rare to find in the aquarium trade!

Puffer fish are best known for their ability to inflate their bodies to avoid being swallowed by larger fish, but their “E.T.” - like faces and unique personalities are what attract people to them and lead many who keep them to consider them a true pet. They learn to recognize their human companions, greeting them enthusiastically when they approach the aquarium and will even hand feed. Puffer fish can be found in the ocean, brackish estuaries and freshwater habitats around the world. Some species move back and forth between different environments on a regular basis

Freshwater puffers are found in river systems throughout Southeast Asia, parts of India and Bangladesh, the Amazon basin in South America, and the Congo, Nile and other rivers in Africa. The Gold-ringed or Mbu Puffer is even found in Lake Tanganyika! A few species occur in open water, but most are found along riverbanks often among submerged plants. They live in tropical and temperate climates.

We have been feeding this particular Mbu frozen krill and live crabs occasionally, as he gets older you will want to feed him frozen scallops/clams to help him shave down his beak.



Current Size: 3-4"

Temperament: Semi-Aggressive

Diet: Carnivore