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In-Home Installations & other services

The Fish Reef can build to order practically any size aquarium in glass or acrylic and at the same time have unmatched strength and integrity!

Our licensed in-house construction crew will pull permits, frame, drywall and paint for in-wall aquarium applications and build to match aquarium stands to existing cabinetry or masonry.

Below are some examples of some of our work & other services we offer.

For Custom Aquariums call our General Manager Josh directly at (303) 246-8758

Customized 3d backgrounds 

We can create virtually any environment inside the aquarium to suit your space.

 In-wall / Freestanding Hybrid

This is an example of an aquarium that is freestanding on one side of the room, but in-wall from the other side.

Acrylic & Cylinder Aquariums

This is an 800 gallon cylinder acrylic aquarium we built for the center of a room.

We built the center overflow out of faux coral.

We added a remote sump room below the aquarium in the customers basement to keep all filtration systems completely out of sight. 

 Freestanding custom peninsula

This is a freestanding peninsula aquarium that has 3 viewing panels, one side is blacked out to be fitted or built in against a wall. peninsulas make excellent room dividers.

 Saltwater Conversions

Some of our customers have an existing freshwater aquarium they would like to convert into a saltwater aquarium.

Here is an aquarium we converted with reef lighting & hang-on overflow + sump and aquascaped

 Aquarium Moving Services

The Fish Reef is one of few companies that are willing & equipped to profressionally move aquariums  anywhere in the United States - including your water, fish & coral. 

Lagoon Style

This is a lagoon style aquarium - great for growing coral or plants with a center overflow to be viewed from 4 angles.