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Meet the team

Josh Barreiro

General Manager

 Josh a Cuban-American from Miami Florida spent his childhood and teenage years snorkeling and collecting fish in Miami and the Florida Keys to bring back to his home made saltwater aquarium..

Always having a passion for the hobby since a child and visiting hundreds of fish stores throughout South Florida, and all over the country while serving in the U.S. Army, he felt there was a need for a "one stop shop" solution for fish stores and aquariums shops that would not only provide an exceptional retail experience, but then deliver, install and provide long term in-home maintenance & follow up training and support for aquarists seeking to enter the fishkeeping hobby. Josh left his day job in 2018 and opened The Fish Reef Aquariums showroom in Centennial CO.

Josh personally oversees all custom aquarium builds nationwide, commercial aquarium maintenance and store franchising.

On his free time Josh enjoys Fly Fishing .

Home Aquarium: 75 gallon saltwater predator tank , "FOWLR".


Bradley Woolfley

Maintenance & Installations Manager

Bradley is from Baton Rouge, LA. Bradley has worked at fish stores since he was 16 years old and enjoys designing, tinkering and improving aquariums. 

Bradley takes pride in his work and is very much a perfectionist sometimes to our dismay takes his time and never rushes a job to ensure everything is exceptionally done at the time of delivery of a new aquarium or upon completion of our routine maintenance.  

Bradley oversees all residential & commercial routine maintenance and Aquarium Moves.

On his free time, Bradley enjoys call of duty and tinkering with aquariums.

Home Aquarium: 10gallon nano reef.


J.C. Newsome

Fish & Coral Specialist

JC grew up in West Palm Beach, FL, aquatic life has always been a big part of Jay's life, He has kept a reef tank consistently for 12 years.

Before joining the team JC was a manager of a tiny home manufacturer and a plumber. JC walked away from a comfortable living to pursue his passion of fishkeeping and building The Fish Reef brand.

JC lives in Colorado Springs and drives almost 2 hours every day to work at The Fish Reef. He is an integral part of our team and the "human coral encyclopedia" at the shop. 

J.C. oversees the general health, quarantine and growth of our display tanks and animals at the shop.

On his free time, Jay enjoys taking his vintage 1978 Jeep offroading in the mountains.

Home Aquarium: 75, 25 and 10 gallon mixed reef aquariums.



Jason McQueen

Marketing Coordinator

Jason is from Riverside, CA, an ex-law enforcement officer serving outside of Los Angeles, CA, Jason is widely regarded as "dad" around the shop. 

Jason loves to make sure we are always keeping our noses clean and doing the right thing - the right way, all the time, every time at the shop. 

If you know Jason - you know it's all professional, rugged, and neat exterior -but he has the biggest heart in the room and will give the shirt off his back to anyone in need. 

Jason oversees our marketing, filming and accounting. He is a true asset to our team.

On his free time Jason enjoys spending time with his children and playing with firearms.

Home Aquarium: 45 gallon reef tank