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Flying Fox Siamese

Flying Fox Siamese

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The hardy red algae-eater Crossocheilus langei is commonly found in the aquarium trade and is one of the most popular and effective tank algae cleaners. They are active and fast swimmers that will school together if kept in a group, but some individuals may display aggression to their own kind or related fish. In general, the red algae-eater can be kept in most community tanks and is reportedly much less aggressive than similar fish such as the Chinese algae-eater or the red-tailed black shark.[citation needed]

It prefers water temperature range of 24–26 °C (75–79 °F), a pH range of 6.5–8.0, and a water hardness of 5–20 dH. Because the red algae-eater is effective at controlling tank algae, many aquarists like to place them in heavily planted tanks with strong lighting to prevent the growth of algae. Unlike other aquarium algae eater fishes, the red algae-eater is valued for its ability to eat red algae (particularly Audouinella). The fish, however, is an opportunistic feeder and will eat pellets and most other food, a tendency that strengthens with age.[citation needed]

The lid of the tank should be properly closed leaving no large hole for the fish to jump out of the tank.

Since they cannot stay in mid water, they love driftwood/rocks and some plants that can support their weight to rest on.[7]

Siamese algae-eaters will often school together, but are also content living solo. When two are kept together, they will often establish their own territory as they mature. They can be a long living fish, with reports of lifespans up to ten years