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Silver Dollar Red Hook

Silver Dollar Red Hook

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The Red Hook is found throughout Northern South America in the Amazon, Rio Orinoco, and many of the other major river systems.  It has been collected in Brazil, Colombia, Ecuador, French Guiana, Guyana, Peru, Suriname, and Venezuela from the densely vegetated slower moving rivers and streams in these regions.

In the aquarium trade, Red Hooks are often sold to tropical fish keeping enthusiasts as “Silver Dollar”  however, their red with black edged anal fin, noticeably smaller adipose fin, and larger adult size quickly distinguishes them from their Serrasalmidae cousins.

All Silver Dollar species are found in tropical climates and prefer weedy river tributaries, with dense overhanging vegetation that provides the low light conditions they prefer.

Like most Silver Dollars, the Red Hook is a peaceful, but skittish, schooling species.  They are herbivores that in their natural habitat voraciously feed on the leaves of submerged and marginal plants however, they are opportunistic feeders that also eat earthworms,  small crustaceans, grubs, insects, and smaller fish.

In an aquarium environment, Red Hooks needs a huge amount of vegetable matter in their diet to prevent them from decimating a well planted tank.