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WYSIWYG: X-Large Golden Eye Chalice

WYSIWYG: X-Large Golden Eye Chalice

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The Golden Eye Chalice is an eye-catching coral with mint to neon green coloring and pinkish-orange “eye” spots. This beautiful Chalice Coral makes a great addition to your reef aquarium infusing fantastic visual interest to your reef landscaping with its unique architectural growth habit.

Care of the Golden Eye Chalice is fairly straightforward as long as you maintain pristine water conditions. Chalice Corals prefer horizontal placement in areas of low to moderate light and medium water movement. Keep in mind that Chalice Corals can readily adapt to different amounts of lighting achieved by T-5s, powerful LEDs or the more intense metal halides. Typically, this slow-growing coral species is known to exhibit both an encrusting habit when placed near aquarium glass, as well as a plating habit when housed in open areas.

The Golden Eye Chalice Coral feeds mostly at night. Though feeding is not necessary, it benefits from small pieces of meaty marine food, such as baby brine shrimp

Current Size: 7-8"

Placement: Bottom to Middle

Water Flow: Medium to Strong

Lighting: Low to Moderate