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New Arrivals Every Week!

Every week we get new stock of fish, coral, and plants. Be sure to stop by the store on Tuesdays and Wednesdays to check out the great selection of saltwater and freshwater options!

Curious about Clownfish?

Clownfish are some of the most common fish among saltwater tank owners. But what do you know about them besides their most famous appearance in Disney/Pixar’s Finding Nemo? Here are some fun facts about Clownfish: -All Clownfish are born male. Each clownfish has the ability to change into a female, so when the dominant female in […]

Tank Revamp

As you may already know, one of our biggest projects at The Fish Reef are brand new tank installs, but did you know we can also revamp an old tank? If you have an old fish tank that may be collecting dust, or you were given a tank as a gift but have no idea […]

Install videos on YouTube Now!

What goes into an aquarium install? Quite a bit more than most people expect. The fish hobby is not hard to get into, as a lot of people can start with a simple fish bowl and goldfish, but what happens when you want bigger-or you just don’t have time to get everything set up? You […]

Financing Now Available

Yep. Just like that! Financing is now available at The Fish Reef. Is there a tank you’ve been dying to add to your home or you’re interested in a custom build but don’t want to wait years to pull the trigger? We’re your choice! Make sure you call or message us about financing your dream […]

Desktop Aquariums In-Stock Now

Desktop aquariums are available now at The Fish Reef in Centennial, Colorado. Desktop tanks are perfect for hobbyists of all kinds, whether beginners or more experience hobbyists. They make a great addition to offices for a relaxing and peaceful addition to the current age of at home work. Desktop aquariums also make it easy to […]

Follow us on Social Media

The Fish Reef wants everyone to know that we are a different kind of fish store, and what better way than when we display it on social media? If you’re not already following us on Facebook and Instagram, you can find us @thefishreef and just search “the fish reef” on Facebook and YouTube.

Pond Install

Freshwater tanks. Saltwater tanks. What about ponds? We at The Fish Reef go further beyond just custom tanks because we also build koi ponds. The process requires more than our usual install team but we get it done. If you’re curious about adding a koi pond to your backyard or property, please reach out to […]